Ceramic Tile-Porcelain and Glass Industry

Liners for Grinding Mills

Isik Teknoloji manufactures ceramic liners of ball mills which are used for grinding of non- metallic minerals and in ceramic plants, in its own plants. High alümina or zirconia toughened ceramic liners are produced by required analysis depending on the applications. The liners produced by adhering to appropriate production processes are selected from high alümina contents and zirconia additives in order to ensure best working lives, required mechanical and hardness properties. Additionally,we are able to design liners with longer working lives according to our customers’ working conditions.

Ceramic Grinding Balls

We are able to manufacture high alümina-zirconia grinding balls for grinding mills working in wet or dry grinding media in requested diameters. Al203 contents varies from 92% to 95% depending on the application to increase abrasion resistance and to extend related working life.

Grinding balls are manufactured in standard diameters of 30,40,50,60 and 70 mm. Balls with larger diameters such as 80,90 and 100 mm can be manufactured in accordance with customers’ specific requirements.