Defense Industry

Conventional bullet-proof vests do not provide complete protection against direct fire; on working conditions , only ceramic-based inserts are able to reliably meet the standards of higher safety classes.

Personnel and vehicle protection ; we work closely with many systems suppliers to increase the ballistic performance , reduce weight and improve comfort on the ceramics and composites with our capabilty to manufacture for defence industry . Variable production technology makes it possible to produce customized designs like increased comfort with curvature of body for personnel or corners and complex cross sections for the vehicles .Under fire ; in additionally to the monolithic inserts to ensure minimizes crack propagation in the overall structure and increases multi-impact capability , more smaller square or polygonal ceramic formats can also be made.

IsıkTech composites plates which are manufactured from polimer/rubber matrix and reinforced with ceramic/armour steel used in ground vehicles, helicopters, ships and mobile containers with their lower weight and excellent ballistic properties ensure against direct fire, mortar and artillery shrapnel and landmines. We develop customer specific protection systems based on the type, caliber, weight and speed of the projectile such as ceramic-polymer-rubber composite systems which have largely replaced conventional steel solutions.