Petro-Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The parts made of technical ceramics and called modern materials meet many requirements under very hard working conditions such as abrasion,corrosion and high temperature resistance. Isik Teknoloji has a production capability for those high performance parts.

The parts are particularly being used on the machinery of steel mills,mines,mineral processing and preparation plants,papermaking and pulp,chemical and medical,petrochemistry,power plants and nuclear energy,cement – concrete and general machinery industries. Our parts ensures excellent wear resistance at very high temperatures including 1400-1800 C In addition to parts with standard dimensions, it is possible to manufacture parts in different dimensions and shapes in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Ceramic Grinding / Inert Balls for fine micronization and catalytic supports

Super fine grinding mills and mixers could only proceed fine material production with used of small diameter ceramic balls . Inert balls are particularly suitable to be used as catalytic supports in petrochemical plants, gas treatments, solvent recovery systems and installations for the production of fertilizers.

Also in grinding applications , balls have been selected especially production of feldspar,quartz,kaolin, glaze,ink,ceramic, chemical,celluloze,silver,paper...etc .

We produce balls with diamater 0,8-1-2-5-6-8-10 ve 12 mm.

High grade of alumina with higher hardness on the balls have benefits to increase capability on production of fine micronised material.

We deliver balls in 25kg bags.