Mining Industry

Liners for Grinding Mills

Isik Teknoloji manufactures ceramic liners of ball mills which are used for grinding of non- metallic minerals and in ceramic plants, in its own plants. High alümina or zirconia toughened ceramic liners are produced by required analysis depending on the applications. The liners produced by adhering to appropriate production processes are selected from high alümina contents and zirconia additives in order to ensure best working lives, required mechanical and hardness properties. Additionally,we are able to design liners with longer working lives according to our customers’ working conditions.

Ceramic Grinding Balls

We are able to manufacture high alümina-zirconia grinding balls for grinding mills working in wet or dry grinding media in requested diameters. Al203 contents varies from 92% to 95% depending on the application to increase abrasion resistance and to extend related working life.

Grinding balls are manufactured in standard diameters of 30,40,50,60 and 70 mm. Balls with larger diameters such as 80,90 and 100 mm can be manufactured in accordance with customers’ specific requirements.

Kau-Ser Wear and Impact Resistant Composite Plates

Kau-ser is a kind of composite wear plate composed of rubber and ceramic material and has an excellent wear resistance mainly under the medium and light duty working conditions.Due to its wear resistance and noise absorbing properties it is used in many applications such as feeders,transfer chutes,bunkers and feding cones,points of transfer and truck cases.

Properties and Advantages

Environmentally Compatible

Standartd Products

Product Width(mm) Lenght(mm)
KTS-25 250 500
KTS-50 500 500

* Plates in desired dimensions can be made according to demand.


The advantage of easy mounting by stud welded bolts or screws or welding.

Ceramic Reinforced Conveyor Belt Drums

We are manufacturing highly wear resistant,ceramic reinforced driving drums for the conveyor belts operating under heavy conditions such as slurry and wet media.This is one of the high priority products for the worksites and mining fields since it prevents belt-drum slippings originating from slurry and wettness ,ensures longer replacement and repairing period. The friction between drum and belt has being increased by ceramic particles, tension of belt decreased so that easy operation of conveyor is ensured by decreasing the momentum affecting rolls,bearings and conveyor. We are able to manufacture those drums in requested dimensions without any dimensional limitation for every sort of conveyor.


Wear and Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Plates

The plates made of technical ceramics and called modern materials meet many requirements under very hard working conditions such as abrasion,corrosion and high temperature resistance. Isik Teknoloji has a production capability for those high performance plates.

The plates are particularly being used on the machinery of steel mills,mines,mineral processing and preparation plants,papermaking and pulp,chemical and medical,petrochemistry,power plants and nuclear energy,cement – concrete and general machinery industries. Our plates ensures excellent wear resistance at very high temperatures including 1400-1800 C In addition to plates with standard dimensions, it is possible to manufacture plates in different dimensions and shapes in accordance with customers’ requirements.